A politician bribed with Bitcoin

Even though some people still do not have electricity, in big cities people have access to real world technology, not often being at the forefront of scientific discoveries. There is a testimony of a guy, a general councilor in a City Hall, who cashed the first bribe in Bitcoin, the electronic currency that waves on foreign markets.

“I needed a permit and a change of the landscaping plan, that I want to build a 15-stores building over half of a cemetery. I went to Mr. John, whom I knew as an open minded guy, and I asked him how much cash he would take to make a proposal in the board, for changing the landscaping plan. He told me it was a simple job, with 700 bitcoins for him and two officials, all is solved, “says Mike, a real estate developer.

The advantage of bittorin bribery is that the currency is very hard to find, it does not exist physically but only in computer systems, and it can not be written on it with invisible ink “BRIBE”. The Councilor says that if his method is successful, he will introduce it as a mandatory rule for all his colleagues in the Republican Party.

In 2018 the Councilor was indited on 2 felony charges and sentenced to 1 day in jail and ban for life from Bitcoin bribing, the longest sentence for bribery.

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