A Russian citizen beaten for a bitcoin in the police station

By the time he arrived with him at the police station, he was a billionaire but also poor several times.
The bloody disaster took place in Red Square, near the exit of the Metro, where Petrov Dmitry found a full bitcoin in the bus station, while he was trying to avoid the beggars in the area. He thought he should be honest and take the money to the police but went through the biggest adventure of his life.

“Of course I was curious and checked how much a bitcoin is worth. At 100 meters from the Red Square I was one of the richest people in Russia. After crossing the street, the police station was on the other side, I was poorer than a resident from Somalia. I checked once, when I passed by Nikolskaya Street, I could emigrate directly to Tenerife with the money I had. I grew up more than three times, and I went in bankruptcy until I entered the door of the police station, “Dmitry said.


On the other hand, the police reacted much more easily to these course fluctuations. According to the investigation procedure applied for years, Dmitry was beaten by the agents of the section for outrage while he was told “go talk about bitcoin in your mom’s home not in a Russian institution.”

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