A trading bot found a bitcoin wallet on the street

A poor bot from Bitcoin City, found today a wallet full of Bitcoins.

“The wallet had a few 10 and 20 Bitcoin notes, together with the owner’s ID card.”

The bots first reaction was to bring the wallet to the nearest Police Station, and declare it as lost, instead of hiding it or spending the bitcoins on alcohol and robot babes. The wallet owner was easy to identify, he came right away to the Police Station and rewarded the trading bot with 1 Bitcoin for finding his lost wallet, declared Officer in charge Joanna Bites.

“It is a good example for all the bots out there, showing us they are not heartless but very good friends.”

The robot said he would use the reward money to buy more RAM and a better CPU, so he can find a better job easier.

“To be honest it is hard to find a good job here in Bitcoin City, there aren’t a lot of Companies that can pay for me the electricity bill for a whole month. The only advantage would be that they don’t need to pay taxes, just a maintenance contract with an authorized service.”

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