Binance phishing mail vs. Google’s gmail defensive system

After a morning e-mail checking, I came across a funny but also very dangerous e-mail with the title “Binance Competition – 50,000 ETH Giveaway!”

I know that some would say “Nah, I won’t fall for that kind of stupid e-mail”, but, believe it or not, there are still many that get scammed like that every day.

After I read the title I knew it is a phishing e-mail because the reward is incredibly high, I know Binance is doing pretty well but to make a giveaway like that, only Santa Claus could make such gifts (wink – wink, Christmass is coming).

Here is a screenshot from the e-mail I am talking about:

It seems that google acted towards this phising e-mail and put it in my spam box, if you take a look at the warning message, they already know that it was used to steal people’s personal information.
I am not really wondering from where the scammers got my e-mail cause we all know nowadays the internet is full of e-mail databases ready to be used by malicious people.
I will not post the link to the attacker’s page as I don’t want to promote his phishing URL.
That said, beware of the e-mails you click and to whom you send your personal information. I have seen people’s greediness and how they lost all their savings.
Don’t be greedy, stay smart and watch out on what you click.


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