CARD : The Cardstack Token

Every car needs gas to run on, without which it maintains a stand still position. Cardstack has placed users at the center of the Internet or better still, Cardstack have made every app, dApps and SAAS to revolve around the user for the users easy access. With this in mind, There have to be a means, a tool, through which the user can interact with all of this apps on their hub. This is to say that the Cardstack interface has to have a tool through which it can be interacted with. This is where CARD comes in.

CARD is the Ticker for Cardstack Token. CARD will be used as a tool by the user to communicate with his/her hub whether it’s mobile based, cloud based, or other capabilities. All that the user needs do, regardless of where the connection is coming from be it on their phone or web, is to connect with the CARD. The CARD basically is a small unit of information which we can see, save, manipulate and own. From this CARD, we can do actions, trigger actions, change or propagate the actions to the actual app.
All these are what Cardstack has install for everyone out there. Be it an end user, developer or a miner. There’s space for you on the Cardstack hub.

CARD is a utility token allowing end- users and businesses to use applications that interact with multiple blockchains, decentralized protocols, app-coin-backed dApps, and cloud- based services while paying a single on-chain transaction fee. Miners get paid on CARD, from a reward pool.

The Cardstack Token Generation Event is currently on. It’s Capped at $35,000,000 for hardcap and soft cap is $10,000,000. The total number of tokens generated during the event, is 6,000,000,000 CARD. Tokens Available for Public at TGE is 2,400,000,000 CARD (40%). There will be a 10% distribution during the pre-sale period. KYC/AML is required for all investors. An additional 4,000,000,000 CARD will be generated and distributed over 10 years. This is so as to bootstrap reward pools for software makers and analytic miners. This brings the maximum number of tokens come 2028 to 10,000,000,000 CARD. Investors from United States, Cuba, Iran, North Korea are not allowed to participate during the TGE.

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