Cardstack :The experience layer of the decentralized internet

Today we will be looking at the needs / problems that necessitated the Cardstack project. First, we will start from, the problems associated with the Apps market:

Apps silos

Our phones today, have two or more apps which is always asking for our attentions with their notification once we turn our data on. These apps being well designed with a good interface helps us communicate and do amazing things. But despite the fact that they are very powerful, they exist on their own and are defined most times by companies that owns them. And because these apps exists on their own, while using them we’re confined and limited to just a given area of usage and always confused or biased as to which app to open at any given point in time to either communicate or perform our daily activities. Most of these apps we use daily includes Uber to book our ride, Facebook to communicate with our friends and so on. Most times we get confused as to which app to use and this confusion is caused due to the many apps one has to download to be able to perform their tasks and all these has made users to stop downloading apps or paying for them.

Cloud subscription silos

Now, when we use subscription apps or Web-based apps, we have enormous bills to clear each month whether these apps were used or not. Most of the services we use from these apps include E-commerce, messaging, content publishing and so on. All of this subscription are used by most modern business persons and they all get balanced at the end of the month so as to make them all work. Looking at all these scenarios closely, one can easily say it’s usage and maintenance is too burdensome as they all exist in silos and maintained in silos as well.

Blockchain / Dapps silos

With the advent of Blockchain, we have been given many capabilities such as jurisdiction, storage, identity, prediction, trading and so many others. These capabilities on the blockchain enables us to carry out most of our daily activities. But then again all these projects powered by the Blockchain, also exists on their own thereby still increasing the silos problems which is seen in Apps and Web subscription which we use daily. Not to forget, these Blockchain projects not only exist in silos, they also have their own currency and if one must use any of them one has to keep track of the project and its token price.

Ideas Behind Cardstack

Cardstack wants to create a stack, a tool or layer that extensively spans and connects all apps we have on our mobile phone, the ones we have on the cloud/SAAS apps. If all these can be turned into a cohesive experience, then advantages can be taken of all the tools we have without any confusion or hassle as to which to use at a given point in time. This can be done using humans as orchestrators. This simply means making human beings the focus of this development.

Cardstack Solutions To These Silos Problems

Cardstack plans to solve all these problems which have been listed through the following ways:

The Experience Layer

Cardstack is proposing to build an experience layer on top of all these apps, dapps, cloud SAAS, so that a regular user who has little knowledge of technology or skills can find a way to make sense of what’s going on on the blockchain as well as what’s going on presently in their lives.

Re-centralize Around User

This simply means user focused. Cardstack focuses on the end user by putting the user at the center of the layer they are trying to build. The user’s comfort is taken into consideration and everything revolves around the user. Cardstack will be providing a single interface through which a user can interact with every app or dapps the user wants to interact with. The user communicates with all these apps through a card.

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In my next review, I will talk about how users can make use of Card through which they interact with Cardstack interface. Stay tuned.

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