Crypto Explorers Event in Korea: October 23-25, 2018

40 Crypto Explorers from around the world will spend three days exploring Korea’s growing importance within the global blockchain ecosystem.

Korea is already recognized as a candidate to be one of the first “crypto-nations” and was recognized by the world’s “most innovative country” by the Bloomberg Innovation Index.

Crypto Explorers@Seoul provides participants with the opportunity to experience this first hand.

The event will showcase presentations from leading figures within the Korean business, start-up, technical, regulatory, legal, security, and government sectors and engage in conversation with other crypto-enthusiasts like yourself, all in the relaxed Crypto Explorers style.

Attendees will also have the opportunity to participate in unique Korean culinary, historical, and cultural experiences. The event is deliberately limited to foster group dialogue and discussion.

Crypto Explorers seeks to create the world’s premier community of knowledgeable crypto-enthusiasts and professionals by arranging trips and events to enable networking and sharing.

More details on the event in South Korea can be seen here:

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