Cryptoa, LocalTrade, Fuloos & BitcoinReal Projects Turning Into Scams

We all know where the crypto market stands right now. It got more stable anyway despite all the speculations out there, some voices saying Bitcoin will reach $20.000/BTC and some saying it will go to zero.

Having a promissing start with good vibes and a huge hype around them, these 4 projects from which 2 were meant to be exchanges and along with tokens and went from Hero to Zero in a few months since their official launch.

All we know is that all 4 projects have 2 individuals in common with a shady identity using nicknames such as DevLiteSpeed or CryptoKnight, everything looked good in the begining untill someone fishy came aboard with the nickname RealSatoshi, that’s where a bell rang in my head.

They had various bounties for their projects most of them ending in not paying the participants, of course, they even had a contest for the logo of BitcoinReal Project which they surprisingly have paid.

Their social media support has an arrogant attitude towards the community and negative impact for the projects by muting or banning mostly everyone that has a question about their projects regarding distribution or payment or even a good piece of advice.

At the time I write this, their support is non-existent and some of their websites are already down for weeks. The only way to get in touch is in their telegram groups where you get mostly an evasive answer or as I mentioned above you risk to get banned.

As a final thought, I see all this like another brick in the face for investors and the whole Crypto community that still has the patience to tolerate such scams by avoiding to spread the word about them, to bring awareness to people so they can avoid being scammed over and over again.

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