In our contemporary society today, there’s a lot of innovations going on. Most of this innovations and changes arise because of consumers demands and indifference to old servicing models. Now let’s look at the delivery industry: we place our orders online, it gets delivered to us by some unknown delivery personnel, most a times, we let these strangers into our homes all because we want our packages delivered. Our packages get dumped on our doorposts for us when the delivery personnel stops by for delivery and we’re not home. What happens to this package which is at the door post is beyond our control. Not only this, consumers get driven by strangers whenever they’re using car services like Uber. Not everyone is comfortable to be in a vehicle for miles with a total stranger. Also, consumers want a faster delivery time frame for their packages.

All this has made consumers to detest these third-party delivery methods and the quest for a new means of delivery began. This is where the Autonomous Vehicles comes in to bridge this gap and fulfill consumers needs of more faster delivery time frame, low delivery cost and safe package delivery.

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DAV Network is building an autonomous and decentralized vehicle ecosystem, to help tackle all the challenges an average consumer faces when using car services or delivery services. DAV Network has looked at where the world is now and where it’s going and have seen the importance that self-driving cars, trucks and self-delivery drones will play in the supply chain industry, and is decentralizing this sphere to give everyone who would want to take part in this revolution a chance to do so.

Drones deliveries can be used in emergency situations like medical conditions as it’s delivery time frame is faster than a regular car on the road. This is because drones bypass the issues of bad road, traffic jam and all sorts of setbacks seen on the road.

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