The internet has revolutionized the way we interact and communicate with the world. With the internet, the world is only a click of the button away from our reach. The internet ushered in a world of possibilities and at the same time, it has exposed us to a lot of potential risks and harm. To access most services on the internet, the service providers usually ask for personal details, like emails, phone numbers, credit card details, home address and so on in order to use their services. The internet has become a backlog of information and data fed into it. However, this information provided is now used for different purposes without the provider’s consent. Most of these service providers pry on users’ personal information, browsing pattern, messaging history etc without the consent of the user and sell this information back to the users in the form of tailored advertisement. The problem of data protection arises, how do we protect our personal information?

Essentia, a blockchain-based modular framework that is created to enable users to interact with both decentralized and centralized resources while taking complete control of their identity, personal data, and digital life. This framework can be used by individuals, computers, IoT devices and it can be accessed from anywhere in the world. Not only do individuals benefit from the solution being offered by Essentia, corporations will be able to take full ownership and control of their corporate identity, data, possessions, and communications. Users on the Essentia platform will be able to take control of their digital life and personal data, determining what they share, who they share it with and how the information will be used.

Another problem with using the internet is the complexity of remembering all the different login IDs for each website or application you use.

Essentia is proposing a solution, one digital ID that will enable the trust-less access to websites, mobile or desktop applications, DApps in a decentralized manner, at the same time allowing the users to take control of his data. The Essentia ID will not require users to disclose their personal details instead users will only need to sign and verify authorization and this can be used from any device, user interface or from a command line.The ESS ID can also be stored on hardware wallets thereby offering the user a higher level of security. The ESS ID consists of root-ID which allows the user to create and manage Sub-IDs. With the ESS ID, users will be able to take full control of their data, IDs, information, privacy and assets thereby ending the days of data stealing and phishing.

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