Hello guys, here I am today trying to present to you yet another great and mighty project the world of cryptocurrency has ever experienced. With the rise of new coins in the shape of icos, many fake projects are rising placing the serious and positive minded creators and innovators of beautiful and promising projects on the hard-to-get side. However, the great and prestigious members of this platform that have been following my posts and recommendations on ICOs would bear me witness that real projects with huge profit capacities are still out there that only take stress on us, bloggers, part to locate and share.
With the advent of blockchain-based, trustless smart contracts, the need for oracle services that arbitrate the outcome of a contract has grown significantly. Most current implementations of smart contracts rely on a single or aggregated set of authoritative oracles to settle the outcome of the contract. In cases where both parties can agree on the authority and incorruptibility of the specified oracle, this is sufficient. However, in many cases, either an appropriate oracle does not exist or the oracle cannot be considered authoritative because of the possibility of error or corruption.
I am here again to present to you another cryptocurrency that is on the move of satisfying the dire need of prospective cryptonaires in terms of investment and the whole world in terms of services and utilities. HORIZON COMMUNICATION has been a project with a sound team and great vision encoded in its services and utility.


Horizon Communications is an upcoming fixed wireless internet and cellular service provider looking to provide services in Bermuda, the Caribbean, and Central America before expanding internationally. While utilizing 4th generation and soon 5th generation wireless technology, it will also heavily incorporate blockchain and cryptocurrency technology, one of the 1st ISP’s in the world to do so and the 1st to tokenize their services using an Initial Coin Offering (ICO).

Furthermore, Horizon is focusing on target markets that have high income, 1 world economies, as defined by the World Bank. Bermuda has a GDP of $84k per person on average, for example. This positions Horizon to achieve a higher return on investment in regions that are easily covered with its technology, coupled with the inherent natural advantages its technology has over incumbents in difficult environments will make Horizon highly competitive. Customers in Bermuda and many other markets are paying up to $250 USD a month for a 200mbps internet service that can oftentimes be unreliable. A competitor recently launched a $385 package for internet and IPTV. There is a huge opportunity for a new provider that can provide better service at competitive pricing. Its competition is using antiquated copper networks with huge overhead to maintain 400 miles of cables, requiring hundreds of employees and constantly battling salt corrosion and wind damage. The technology Horizon uses allows the company to remain efficient, keep staffing needs at a fraction of the competition and be extremely competitive and forward thinking in our markets.
Also, regarding the concept behind the horizon communications technology, Horizons current 4G LTE-Advanced equipment will be able to deliver speeds of up to 300 Mbps per client utilizing outdoor antennas and fixed wireless client premise equipment. In the future, when faster customer premise equipment becomes available, speeds of up to 1 Gbps per client will be possible. The LTE technology provides a software upgrade option to update our LTE to the latest 4G and pre-5G standards without a major hardware upgrade to the network. HORIZON network will continue to be compatible with legacy 4G LTE equipment, even as we advance towards 5G LTE. Horizon will also be using a self healing combination of wireless microwave and fiber technologies to provide high speed, very low latency transport between our communications towers. The wireless technologies include both licensed 2 Gbps point to point links as well as 10 Gbps millimeter microwave (MMW) point to point communications systems to build a rd highly resilient mesh network topology. Where available, fiber will be used as a 3 layer failover backbone. It is its goal to build and maintain the highest reliability wireless network that will surpass the benefits of traditional fiber networks or coax, while maintaining the ability to expand our network without the need to string wire or fiber across miles of terrain. Horizon Communications is using 4G LTE technology to provide Fixed High Speed Internet access, by deploying 4G LTE-Advanced Software Defined Radio (SDR) equipment by way of Carrier Grade front-haul Remote Radio Heads and LTE Base stations.

Well, many projects like i have mentioned initially just start without having the welfare of the investors, believers and supporters at mind with great ultimacy. However, needless to say, most projects that tend to survive on a long term note would always have a well laid down protocol and plans at providing the general community the best services and products that tend to increase the sustainability and the maximalism of the profits. Highlighted below are some of the provisions among others that this project has in place and in store for the receiving population;

Horizon will utilize blockchain technology in a number of different areas: Payment using the Horizon Token The Horizon Token (HRZN) is the ONLY accepted form of payment for Horizon telcom services (internet, cell phone services etc). Horizon will have the ability for customers to seemlessly purchase the HRZN Token on its website to pay for services. This means that as Horizon expands, potentially hundreds of millions of USD worth of the HRZN Token will be transacted yearly, underpinning the Tokens’s value by customers using our telecommunication services!

• Payments:
Accepting payments from customers in cryptocurrency, at a discounted rate compared to fiat currency, so as to help further crypto penetration and acceptance

• Payroll:
Paying our employees and contractors in crypto

• Data Storage:
Integrate blockchain technology like Storj or Filecoin into our customer portals to give customers a decentralized file storage solution that is encrypted.

• VPN Services:
Working with blockchain VPN solutions like Mysterium or Privatix so that customers have VPN solutions built into their internet service

• Re-invest into the CryptoCommunity:
Horizon aims to re-invest the recommended earnings, under financial advice, into blockchain companies and ICO’s that Horizon finds will benefit the company and token buyers.



The Horizon token is a unique, new Ethereum based token built on the blockchain. It is designed to be used to access services, and service discounts within the Horizon ecosystem.It will be the ONLY method accepted form of payment for Horizon telecom services (internet, cell phone services etc).

ICO will be held on the https://HorizonComm.co/ website.

• Hardcap 100,000 • ETHToken Price 0.0010

•ETHToken Supply 100m HRZN

• TokensMinimum Purchase 0.1 ETH

**Payment Processor via Coingate.com Top Cryptocurrencies accepted**

WARNING!! You can’t use any cryptocurrency exchange wallet addresses like Coinbase, Bittrex, Poloniex, etc. Transferring ETH from these wallets will result in an irreversible loss of ETH! Customers MUST have an ETH/ERC20 wallet address to receive HRZN Tokens.

(More details about the ICO is provided on the website whose link is provided below)

Watch this short introductory video clip about this project;

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**this is just a descriptive post about a potentially project, Please do your research well before investing**

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