Koios AI – Democratizing Artificial Intelligence for the Global Consumer.

Hello, dear inhabitants of Crypto Planet, I will explain to you in the following rows about the importance of AI and what is the role of KOIOS in this industry.

Before starting my review for KOIOS, I would like to mention that I already talked a bit with Koios Founder Marcus Bowles on Telegram and my first impression was that he is open-minded and very communicative.

The steady decline in business profitability across multiple industries threatens to erode future investment, innovation and shareholder value. Fortunately, a new factor of production—artificial intelligence (AI)—is emerging that can help kick-start profitability. So let’s talk about the importance of AI in the near future:

  •       It reduces the chance of human error and increases compliance;
  •       It intelligently connects people, processes and systems;
  •       Increased profitability with automation;
  •       Gain actionable insights from data;
  •       It enables new apps and experiences.

Ok, that being said, let’s meet Koios!


Business leaders the world over are seeking ways to enhance their processes using Artificial Intelligence; as a result global spending on AI technologies is growing at an exponential rate. The global CAGR for Artificial Intelligence is estimated to be 50.51%with a forecasted worldwide spending on Cognitive and Artificial Intelligence Systems to Reach $57.6 Billion by 2021.



The “AI Lab” is an AI development platform providing developers with access to a library of complimentary tools, algorithms and data sets created and maintained by the Koios Team. AI Lab will provide building blocks to not only accelerate AI Development but also allow developers to deploy their creations to a fully hosted Machine Learning Engine exposed via API for public or private consumption. 



The”Titan Protocol” enables any user with the Koios desktop and mobile apps to participate in AI development by “renting” their CPU power to the Koios Platform. Known as “Fog Computing” everyday users can earn tokens on Koios by:

  • Performing ML Model Training &  Data Tagging Tasks

  • Performing AI Validation Tasks

  • Submitting Data to the AI Lab



The “Neural Net” component of the Koios Platform is a simple, intuitive marketplace containing a library of AI and ML content. All content submitted by developers will undergo technical review by the Koios Team to ensure it adheres to industry standards and is functional prior to being advertised on the marketplace. Developers can submit the following: 

  • AI constructs

  • Machine Learning Algorithms

  • Pre-Trained Machine Learning Models

  • Structured and Unstructured Data


So, how does Koios work?

Develop – AI LAB

AI & Machine Learning developers will find a home on the Koios Platform unrivalled in it’s sophistication and ease of use. To accelerate the development process and build our community we are providing a comprehensive set of tools, algorithms and data sets as building blocks.



The Titan Protocol will initially be responsible for two aspects of the Koios Platform.

1.) Enabling everyday users to anonymously participate in AI development by joining a mesh of global edge devices providing CPU resources to Koios. 

2.) Enable the distribution and decentralization of AI & ML content.



A decentralised marketplace driven by the AI developer community. All content is validated by the Koios Team to ensure that it conforms to applicable industry standards and performs as designed. Validated content is then available for purchase on the marketplace by consumers.

To make it short, KOIOS will decentralize the AI industry and give a home to the AI & Machine Learning developers.


Let’s meet the TEAM:


I already presented to you in the beginning of my article, the Founder & CTO, Marcus Bowles, a Cloud Engineer for Google with 20 Years experience in the tech industry. He is a developer & systems architect.




Let’s move on to the Product Manager, Braiden Judd, Software Development Mgr @ Amazon, and has a huuuuge 10 years experience in Development, you don’t see that every day 🙂




And of course, we have the Blockchain Developer, Abdulqadir Cutpiecewala, who is a Blockchain & Solidity Expert, with 5+ Years Development Experience.





We can’t forget the one that gives a man superpowers, the team woman, Chief Marketing Officer, Zoe Konikkos, with the amazing spot in the company as Koios Brand Manager. Was Brand Manager for Adidas and has a wooowzy 15 years experience in marketing. Also specializes in Social Media.



Useful links:

KOIOS AI Website: https://www.koios.ai/

KOIOS AI Telegram: https://t.me/koiosai

KOIOS AI Bitcointalk Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3047288.0

Article Author:

Bitcointalk Username: TitanAI

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