Hello guys, here I am today trying to present to you yet another great and mighty project the world of cryptocurrency has ever experienced. With the rise of new coins in the shape of icos, many fake projects are rising placing the serious and positive minded creators and innovators of beautiful and promising projects on the hard-to-get side. However, the great and prestigious members of this platform that have been following my posts and recommendations on ICOs would bear me witness that real projects with huge profit capacities are still out there that only take stress on us, bloggers, part to locate and share.

Also, emphatically speaking, to add to my story, Many said it is going no where! Some even proclaimed it as a taboo of the decade! In fact the Government is still waging a hot war against it; despite all these, months mount months, years upon years and CRYPTOCURRENCY and BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY at large are still blowing the trumpet of success, survival and eternity. Yes, recently most (if not all) cryptocurrencies experienced a big blow from naysayers, FUD spreader and the elite but you would agree with me that in the last few days, cryptos are coming back on track and currently marching confidently with great prestige and honour of wealth reassurance.
With the advent of blockchain-based, trustless smart contracts, the need for oracle services that arbitrate the outcome of a contract has grown significantly. Most current implementations of smart contracts rely on a single or aggregated set of authoritative oracles to settle the outcome of the contract. In cases where both parties can agree on the authority and incorruptibility of the specified oracle, this is sufficient. However, in many cases, either an appropriate oracle does not exist or the oracle cannot be considered authoritative because of the possibility of error or corruption.
I am here again to present to you another cryptocurrency that is on the move of satisfying the dire need of prospective cryptonaires in terms of investment and the whole world in terms of services and utilities. KONIOS has been a project with a sound team and great vision encoded in its services and utility.


Konios have been developing and programming a platform for all crypto enthusiasts worldwide to enable them to enter the crypto world with cash. Easy access to the
Konios platform requires only a smartphone and an Internet connection. The transaction is
carried out based on an exchange principle developed in Switzerland, without the use of a
bank or other intermediaries. The exchange takes place face-to-face (F2F) with another user
of the platform. The transaction process is precisely structured and is subject to the highest
security regulations. It is built up by the five security keys and the participants make the
exchange with only four clicks on their smartphones.
In order to keep the transactions secure and the fees low, the own blockchain, which validates and registers all transactions and activities locally within the platform, is designed. It serves as a basis for the use of all cryptocurrencies without paying the respective chain fees. The Smart Contracts monitors and checks the transactions and all processes within the platform.
Active users of the platform will benefit from our reward system. This also increases the security of the platform and supports the worldwide acceptance of the exchange procedure. After each transaction, evaluations are given by the exchange partners. The evaluations give
an insight into the professional behavior of the exchange partner. The reward and penalty
parameters stored in the Smart-Contract sort incorrect behavior and reward the users for their positive contribution.
Furthermore, Due to the continuous growth of the crypto community, the cryptocurrencies are gaining more and more recognition. Conversely, the state authorities, through the increasingly louder crypto-community, become attentive and increasingly strict regulations are being passed. The intervention of the state is the first step towards general acceptance. The future omnipresence of cryptocurrencies requires a solution for easier handling. So that
no age group or social minority is excluded from the crypto-community.
Since a possible economic change on cryptocurrencies is subject to a slow adaptation, the broad mass during the transition period must be introduced to the crypto community in a sensitive, simple and secure way. With these thoughts in mind, the Konios team has been working tirelessly since 2017 to initiate and establish a platform that addresses precisely these problem areas. The Konios Team is proud to present the solution.


With no hype and with great simplicity in expression, this project is well designed in such a way that it put the welfare of its investors, believwrs and platform users in mind with ultimate seriousness. Listed below are some of the advantages these end-users stand to enjoy:

***User reward
The ecosystem of Konios is designed in such a way that the platform develops its own dynamic of progress, which is forced by the reward system. The users not only receive a secure platform but are also rewarded for their loyalty and participation.As pre-planned, some KONs are retained, which are distributed directly to users during the initial phase. The users receive this number of KON unconditionally.

The rewards are credited directly to the wallet within the platform. The KON rewards are not
conditional. The reward serves as an incentive for new users. Depending on the volume, the
first transactions can be carried out free of charge or with very low fees.
The KON has no value at the time of the ICO. This is only achieved with the listing on
Exchange platforms. The Konios Team reserves the right to adjust the number of KON, which
is defined in the user reward, for unforeseen changes, such as a strong increase in the
number of new customers on the platform.

***Security and decentralization policies
The following guidelines are published over the entire Konios project, which reflect the central
theme of the development process:

All published functions, platforms (APP, desktop) and accesses will be adequately
checked and confirmed.
Wherever possible and within the framework of local laws, functions and automated
processing steps are to be validated and confirmed locally.
No general user data will be recorded which is not related to the respective platform
and which are required for the execution of the function step.
Neither party (external partners or freelancers) may have sole access to customer
funds or sensitive data.
Security specific development processes have to be implemented in stable and
secure regions.
Feedback and suggestions from the community should be collected in an information
pool and integrated into the development process.
Improvements and enhancements to the platforms should include, where possible,
reductions in fees.
***Loyalty bonus
On a voluntary basis, the Konios platform provides for the distribution of KON to loyal KON
token holders who keep their KON-Tokens on the Konios platform.
Using an example, the distribution could be as follows:
The total turnover of the platform this month is 500’000 USD. The payout to the token holders
is therefore 10% of the total revenue of USD 50’000 and the reward for the platinum level this month is USD 25’000. In the platinum stage, the total holdings amount to 250’000’000 KON,
of which you personally own 15’000’000 KON shares.

*** Fees
Reward, maintenance and further development of the Konios platform require additional
income. In particular, in order to finance user rewards and close the eco-cycle, minimal
transaction fees are charged for transactions within the Konios platform, which are borne
equally by the buyer and seller.


The ICO is currently ongoing with a massive wave of responses. For well descriptive and clear information about the ICO details, a well made shot provided below was made from the whitepaper (whose link is provided below this post):


Watch this short introductory video of this project here..

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