LiveEdu ICO Postponed

Public Sale Launch Pushed to Jan. 15th 2018


Hey guys, we need more time before we run the main public sale. After discussion with all internal and external parties over multiple hours we decided to postpone the main public sale to Monday, the 15th of January 2018.

– Our technical infrastructure for the public sale is not yet ready.

– We need time to run end to end security audits.

– We need time to implement all site and white paper translations.

– We need time for the smart contract audit.

– We need time for ICO legal work.

– We need time to make deals with institutional crypto investors.

– We need time to visit events and meet potential investors.

– Our advertising and sales partners are fully booked.

We need time to complete the above pending tasks and we want to avoid doing things in a rush. We could have launched the public sale on Dec 10, 2017 and run it till Dec 31, 2017 but due to the Christmas and New Year holidays it is not a suitable time window. We will run the public sale on Monday, the 15th of January 2018 at 5pm UTC. It will run from Jan 15, 2018 to Feb 10, 2018.

Thanks for your patience and understanding.


The public pre-sale for small investors is closed. In the meantime we will allow institutional and private investors that invest at least $5000 to invest in the pre-sale. Minimum buy-in to invest will be $5000.

If you have feedback, leave your comments here or contact us on our Zendesk chat. We are available for calls also on Telegram if needed.

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