Watching closely the ICOs Industry, something new has come to my attention. Desperate people or maybe just some kids fooling around, are trying to ruin the ICOs world, by scamming people that invest their hard earned ethereum or bitcoins.

Modifying in photoshop seems to be past tense cause these guys used it for their ICO team.

Of course, I didn’t say they did it right, take a closer look at their pictures:

Now here we have some searches on the internet that match their team members pictures:



It seems Megatron is a registered company, but I am not sure which one is the real deal:

PDF – CHE-108.062.525

PDF – CHE-105.495.678

It’s sad to read such Official message with the english of a four years old kid … it makes me think even more, in general, about the professionalism of an ICO. I mean, at least write the things well if you don’t know what your project is about.


I don’t know why I have the feeling that ICOs are running towards the future of the HYIPs. I hope that I am wrong with my prediction.

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