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Pokerbox or Phishingbox?

Reading through mails today, I have found something interesting, a project in which I participated by submitting my e-mail address for their airdrop program, asking me to complete a KYC (Know Your Customer) validation process. Like an experienced person with scam and phishing sites, I checked first the URL that opened after clicking the Complete KYC/AML button from my e-mail which leads to


Well, it wasn’t a surprise to see pokerbox has SSL, nowadays everyone has, it’s a must-have in any phishing attempt.

After filling my full name and one of my “trash” ether wallet address, it brought me to a second page to verify and sign a message. This is where a bell started to ring for me.

Looking closer at the next link the KYC process opened for me I found the “bug in the program”, not really hard to spot it, but for an inexperienced person it might pass for a good and trusted website.

I won’t post the link here so you guys won’t click it by mistake, but you can see it clearly below.

Of course, the scammers are sending more e-mails. By the time of writing this article, I have received 3 more e-mails.


Beware of scammers like these and never trust links you receive in your e-mail, always double check them! This is our second scam exposed, first one was MEGATRON

There is an open thread on about this phishing website:

Feel free to leave comments if you have more evidence and I will update the article accordingly.

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