Shivom : What Necessitated The Project Shivom

The main reason why this project was embarked on, is to help address most of the challenges as seen in the present day healthcare industry. Today I will be listing some of this problems and highlighting how Shivom tends to address them.

The problems are as follows.

Centralized Storage

The present-day healthcare data storage system is centralized. Data management is left solely in the hands of the healthcare authorities. The patients have no access or a say as to how their data is handled. This gives the healthcare officials the chance to use the data for anything they want. Most times patients data’s gets sold without their consent and yet they get nothing in return. Needless to worry again. Shivom will be leveraging on the blockchain to decentralized data storage, taking control of data from the hands of healthcare authorities and giving it back to the donors. Also with the use of smart contracts, donors can decide what they want to do with their data and in return get rewarded for every time they allow their data’s to be used by any company or body.

Data Silos

Due to the centralized nature of data storage, genomic data’s exists in standalone basic, this has hindered research and innovation. But Shivom is here to solve this problem by creating an ecosystem, where anyone anywhere in the world can get their genomes sequenced and stored on the blockchain safely. Also, these data’s will be readily available to companies who would want to use them.

Lack of Data Security

The present healthcare industry has little or no security measures safeguarding patients data. And because of this, data’s are exposed to hacks or thefts or loss. Due to data insecurity, most persons don’t like to use healthcare centers as they’re afraid some health issues they would want to hide might get leaked to the public. This has stalled health treatment and made some persons be dying in silence. Shivom will be using the blockchain to ensure data safety and only data a donor wants to be reviewed will be reviewed.

Fear of The Unknown

Most people don’t want to get their genomes sequenced because they’re afraid some diseases they wouldn’t want to hear of might be present or predominant in their genes. Just like same way people don’t want to get tested for HIV because they’re afraid they will test positive and they better live without the knowledge of their status. This is also seen in genomic sequencing. Shivom will be solving the issue of fear of the unknown through the use of sophisticated algorithms which will be used to filter out those results that we don’t want to know. By providing educational material plus smart contracts on the blockchain (that define those filters), the decision process is made much easier. Shivom project is trying to help people become better informed and to support independent decision-making around these very emotional and personal testing decisions and handling the aftermath results. Shivom will be providing evidence-based information combined with smart contracts to help doctors and researchers and anyone else who deals with genetic testing navigate through.

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