Hello my dear readers, I come to you today with a review for an ICO (SmartValley) that will evaluate other ICOs using a unique automated solution.

Too many ICOs launching daily

Most are scams and not worth your bitcoin, altcoin or whatever coin you are using to invest, there are at least 10 new ICO launches every day, causing market to be flooded with excessive ICO launches.

Some facts about ICOs

  • Many of these ICOs are not regulated and do not provide protection to investors in case of fraud or loss
  • Most are scams with only whitepaper or a draft prototype and asking for very high valuations.
  • Most are utility token so they would not fall under securities act, and if there is no working or adopted platforms, they are rendered worthless.
  • 90% of these companies would not be around in the long run, most of these are start-ups.

Excessive amount of ICOs will eventually push altcoins prices down and hike bitcoin prices as investors would prefer to opt for safe haven grounds in the digital currency space, so what will Smart Valley do for us?

For Investors – The use of a unique automated scoring tool ensures that only the best projects are selected. Smart Valley project assessment solutions eliminate the risk of scams. Direct investment in projects allows to avoid broker fees. You can see how your money is spent and follow the increase in token value. Tokens can be easily sold at the in-built digital exchange. 80% discounts on certain project tokens sold at the internal exchange.

For Founders – Automated assessment by community experts gives a full picture of the project’s potential. Community experts can be hired to build a perfect team. Smart Valley assessment services can be paid for with project tokens. Expert consultations and services are provided on all stages of the project. Large number of potential investors are present on the platform. Disagreements are resolved using an automatic algorithm and an arbitration system.

For Experts – Possibility to work on high-potential projects that have passed a rigorous evaluation. Voting for best projects – the community decides which ones get selected. Global employment opportunities. Participation in cutting-edge projects that can change the business. Payment is guaranteed by a smart contract. All disagreements are resolved within the platform using
arbitration and a specially-designed algorithm. Vibrant community of top-level professionals from across the globe.


• Projects are evaluated using a unique automated solution: experts and community members vote
on the project, resulting in a decentralized, reliable, multidimensional assessment;

• The assessment is made using over 10 criteria, including financial potential, blockchain functionality,
legal aspects, founders’ background, etc.

• Expert evaluation eliminates the risk of scams;

• Highest-rated projects are published on the platform and are made available to investors;

• Founders can hire community experts to perform the full cycle of pre-ICO, ICO, and post-ICO
activities, including marketing, legalization, smart contract development, etc.

• Investors choose the best projects, purchase tokens, and follow how their money is spent;

• Tokens can be traded at the in-built digital exchange;

• Use of blockchain and smart contracts ensure transparency and security of payments.



Of course if you want to know more about Smart Valley and their evaluation system, you can always contact them on their Telegram Chat or send a direct message from their website.

Now let’s see who takes care of all this jumbo project:

Alexey Voronin – Founder of Smart Valley. Founder at Zeus crypto exchange, Co-Founder at ICO Lab Fund

Alexander Ruchiov – President of Osnova Group

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