SpringRole: What necessitated the SpringRole project


I will be highlighting the problems that brought about the SpringRole project and also how SpringRole tends to solve this problems.

There are over 10m jobs advertised everywhere each year. Most times, this jobs are advertised and applicants who see such adverts apply for the said job. Most times when this applications are sent, the company who is hiring may or may not have a means of veryfying the information the applicant has sent. This information’s we send can either be data’s about the school we attended, work experiences we have and so on.

Due to lack of true information about an applicants data, most times a hiring process can go wrong or the wrong person gets hired for a set job. All this takes its tours on the organization hiring. When a hiring process goes wrong, the organization spends another time trying to revalidate other suitable applicants. This leads to excessive time allocation to the hiring process.

Efficacy of the current interview process is questionable. This arises because there’s no determinant for job hiring as every candidate who presents a required document is hired. This is because, as noted, 53% of all job applications contain inaccurate information. While 34% of jobs come from referrals and rely on a candidate’s reputation in their network and most times applicants referred are not eligible for the available jobs.

All this numerous listed problems as seen today during hiring, necessitated the SpringRole project. SpringRole, is profereing solutions to hiring organizations and giving them the opportunity to hire their workers based on real and accurate data so as to ensure the right employee is being employed for a given job. The three key areas where SpringRole will be addressing to make sure data’s provided are trusted includes: Education, Skills,  Work.  Every details provided by anyone on the SpringRole platform is verified and kept on the blockchain for easy access by anyone who needs it.

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