TeraWATT – Global LED Adoption Through Blockchain Technology

Energy production and use is the largest source of global greenhouse gas emissions. As a result, the World Energy Outlook has, for many years, assessed the impact of energy sector policies and other developments on the projected path of greenhouse gas emissions, and the implications for meeting the world’s agreed climate goal.

Fossil fuels such as coal, petroleum, and natural gas, are our main sources of energy, producing the vast majority of fuel, electricity, and heat used by people across the globe. A huge 86% of energy in 2005, used worldwide, came from fossil fuel combustion, and right now in the United States, the number isn’t much lower at about 85%. Unfortunately, fossil fuels have also the primary guilt for climate change. In the United States, they are to blame for more than 80% of greenhouse gas emissions — and 98% of CO2 emissions alone. And while natural processes can absorb some of this CO2, an estimated 4.1 billion metric tons of it is added to our atmosphere each year. That number will rise dramatically if we don’t take actions.

TeraWATT makes a clear step into the future and helps LED lighting adoption by creating a Decentralized Autonomous Organization that will be funded by major utility companies worldwide. They will create a deflationary ethereum based private token for global transactions which in my opinion is a great solution because the rate of deflation is much greater than FIAT currencies.

The company will automatically use 50-75 percent of its profits earned from Decentralized Autonomous Organization entry/exit fees, profit taking fees (like an exchange), time decay fees, carbon tax data storage fees, carbon credits, and even from affiliate L.E.D. sales commissions to buyback and burn (LED) Tokens.

From a total supply of 100 Million Tokens due to continuous coin burning algorithm (they will burn coins 24/7), the supply will reach as low as 1 million tokens over time.

Utility companies world wide are forced to build expensive power plants due to progressive grid overload, in a few words they need to spend hundreds of millions of dollars to meet the current customers demands. L.E.D.s are the sollution that all those companies want in the near future because it reduces maintenance costs and TeraWATT gives them the wild card that will qualify them for tax incentives.

Of course the TeraWatt token will be used as a currency to make payments at any utility company that will accept it as payment method. The LED token might increase in value over time if more power companies realize what the advantages are of using the LED token.

Goldman Sachs stated in a report that “The rapid adoption of LEDs in lighting marks one of the fastest 1 technology shifts in human history”. The accelerated deployment of light-emitting diode (LED) bulbs is on track to save U.S. consumers and businesses $20 billion USD a year in electricity costs within a decade, which would lower U.S.A CO2 emissions by aprox. 100 million metric tons/year. The global effort to speed up LED adoption could cut global energy costs and carbon pollution 5 times!!!

I am myself an anti-global warming person and always try to get the best and most friendly solutions for my office and home that don’t harm the environment or at least do not cause great damage that cannot be reversed. We should all take more care of our planet, so our children can live a healthy life on a healthy Earth. Do not hesitate to invest in such a great opportunity called TeraWATT LED.

Official Website: https://terawattled.com/

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