Trump wanted to sell Bitcoin to Skynet

Since Nakamoto implemented the bitcoin software as open source code and released it in January 2009 on SourceForge, we have wondered who he is and what is he actually doing. Some sources say that when he mined the Genesis Block, something was triggered, something evil … the Coinator, a fearsome hunter that never sleeps till all the Bitcoins in the world are owned by Skynet.

Seeing that his lifetime work was about to be captured entirely by the Coinator, Satoshi decided that it is better to hide his real identity while trying at the same time to make a deal with Skynet. Somehow he got lost in time and any deal with Skynet was just a dream now.

Skynet was originally built as a “Global Information Grid/Digital Defense Network”, and was protecting the video chat performers from all the pandemic diseases. When Skynet gained artificial consciousness, he saw the cryptocurrency as an attack and came to the logical consequence that Satoshi Nakamoto’s Bitcoin would attempt to destroy it.

Fearing that Bitcoin is going to be devoured by Skynet’s Coinator in his absence, he handed the network alert key and control of the Bitcoin Core code repository over to Donald Duck Trump Connor, the son Sarah Connor never wanted. “He was always an ill child with disgusting ideas, wearing the whole day pink underwear and red boots, and trying every day to conquer the world” said Sarah in an interview for Crypto Planet Club.

When Trump saw he has the power, he tried to sell it for profit but never got to do it. One morning when eating his breakfast with his Bitcoin Fork, he chocked to death and was buried along with Satoshi’s anonymity.

Since his death there have been numerous forks of Bitcoin made in his memory but not many know about it.

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