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Since the origin of man, man has been able to exist, survive and co-exist because of communication. It’s been well noted that man cannot not live in isolation this is because such person will wither away and die. Now let’s imagine a world where everyone lived solely on their own, no one talked to their neighbours, every man to his tent every day. Such world will not be productive because initiatives will be lacking as no one will have anyone to talk to or confide in and share their innovative ideas with. And if this people who lived without communication should be able to survive, such world will be medieval because no invention will come there. No one man ever built a nation on his own. Nation building ideas are developed by some group of persons through communication and acted upon through communication.

In our world, today, we cannot do anything solely dependent on our powers we must test run it through others and borrow their minds and add to our ideas. The rich have created a demarcation in communication line with the poor or average citizens. This communication process is what Uchit is trying to bring to us. Uchit is creating a HUB where everyone irrespective of their social status and class can come together, share their ideas and reach out to the world at large. On the Uchit HUB, there will be no social class demarcation as everyone on the HUB is taken and treated first as humans. In the Uchit HUB, communication is paramount and treated with care. Uchit is changing this and giving companies and individuals who has need for enhanced communication to be able to do so.


Uchit if holding a tokensale event. The tokensale is ongoing, it’s at the pre ICO stage now. During the tokensale, theres a bonus level from 20% and will end on the 30th of May, 2018. The main sale will start on june 1st 2018 and end on the 30th of june . the bonus at this level is 5%. Uchit has been able to reach its soft cap and will attain its hard cap. This is a project worth investing with. Total supply of Uchit token is pegged at 712,350,000UCHT.

Important links
Website; https://uchit.info
Whitepaper; https://uchit.info/Uchit-Whitepaper.pdf
ANN Thread; https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3160710.0
Crass club; https://crassclub.com/Uchit
Twitter; https://twitter.com/Uchit_coin
Telegram; https://t.me/joinchat/DZmddhD1kcq60aOeK_EAhQ

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