Videochat vs. bitcoin mining

The mining sector is starting to recover! Romania is again giving class to neighbors with the overdeveloped IT sector, the best example being a sexy Romanian woman who has discovered a niche business, the mining of the euro online. Unlike the mining of bitcoin, which belongs to the past, the mining of the euro is much simpler and more advantageous.

She explains how 100 Euros appear in her account: “It does not require servers, calculations, or much intelligence. “I have a webcam, a dildo and an account. I mine euros from customers. The more they look, the more I mine euro from the clients, “says Florina, who says she is not a videochat girl, but an IT financial engineer. She’s doing so well with mining, she has a lot more money than her neighbor, who has made 5 years of Law School and now is her client.

“The best mining euro online goes when I’m dressed as a miner, I put on a helmet, and I’m probing a friend’s body, live, and then she’s probing me, and then we explode with our customers, making our helmets jump off of our heads. Then my euro account is also exploding,” says Florina.

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