Many said it is going no where! Some even proclaimed it as a taboo of the decade! In fact the Government is still waging a hot war against it; despite all these, months mount months, years upon years and CRYPTOCURRENCY and BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY at large are still blowing the trumpet of success, survival and eternity. Yes, recently most (if not all) cryptocurrencies experienced a big blow from naysayers, FUD spreader and the elite but you would agree with me that in the last few days, cryptos are coming back on track and currently marching confidently with great prestige and honour of wealth reassurance.
However, With the rise of new coins in the shape of icos, many fake projects are rising placing the serious and positive minded creators and innovators of beautiful and promising projects on the hard-to-get side. However, the great and prestigious steemians that have been following my posts and recommendations on ICOs would bear me witness that real projects with huge profit capacities are still out there that only take stress on us bloggers part to locate and share. I am here again to present to you another cryptocurrency that is on the move of stisfying the dire need of prospective cryptonaires in terms of investment and the whole world in terms of services and utilities. VARANIDA has been a project with sound team and great vision encoded in its services and utility.


With the development of blockchain technology and the rapid growth of the cryptocurrency market, new opportunities constantly arise in the field of Investment. The more the traditional economy changes its form, new values occur in the digital “world” and plays a significant role in these processes which is played by decentralized technologies, in which cryptocurrencies and digital tokens play a critical role. Most times, consumers needs are misunderstood due largely to lack of information or fake data which inevitably leads to weak or no results aimed to achieve by companies or agencies who have needs for these consumer data. The need to know and understand ones target customers comes into play when a company wants to either rebrand or renovate their business.
This will now make me to add quickly that, as advertising has taken over the Internet, users are the ones who suffer under its increasing load, both literally and figuratively. Advertising and targeting scripts slow down pages, congest bandwidth, and collect massive amounts of user data. Increased advertising supply has decreased the revenue generated per ad, so publishers fight to stay alive by placing more and more advertising on their pages, and making that advertising more and more invasive, degrading the user experience even further. In 2017, more than $228 billion was spent on digital advertising globally, but Internet users and publishers received only a small portion of that value, while creating most of it.
Also, despite the non underminable value of online advertisement, it still has its demerit. There are more than 1.3 billion websites in the world, and around 50 million websites are added every year[17]. While some are passion projects, it’s safe to say that many of those websites are supported by advertising. With more than 4 billion Internet users browsing those websites, the amount of advertising supply in constantly rising[18]. However, the demand for that advertising doesn’t rise as quickly. There are a limited number of people in the world with access to the Internet, and they have a limited amount of time that they can spend online, and they do so on a device with a limited amount of screen space. This means that a lot of the advertising that gets loaded on the Internet is never actually seen. According to Google, 56.1% of all ad impressions are not seen by arealperson[19]. While some publishers try to fit more advertising on every page to increase the number of ads that they can sell per visitor, they eventually settle into a balance between content and ads, otherwise they risk losing their audience if their users feel like they’re just being served ads instead of the content they intended to see. Therefore, Varanida is a digital ecosystem that is being designed to benefit all three stakeholders in the advertising marketplace.

• Advertisers: Companies who want to promote their products and services in a more engaging way, while respecting users’ privacy and experience, and avoiding fraud. Also companies who want their advertising budgets to go further by removing intermediaries.

• Publishers: Content providers and media sites of any format who want to monetise their content without hurting their audience. Also publishers who want to earn more money from the ads they show by removing intermediaries.

• Users: Anyone consuming content on the Internet, especially those looking to control what advertising they are exposed to, and how their data is used. The Varanida Network acts as an enabler and a neutral actor in the advertising marketplace, taking close to a 0% commission (network fees will be lower than 1%) on advertising spend. We are designing Varanida to be fair, transparent, and trusted by all parties, and most importantly, we are committed to bringing real value to all three stakeholders.

Well, many projects like i have mentioned initially just start without having the welfare of the investors, believers and supporters at mind with great ultimacy. However, needless to say, most projects that tend to survive on a long term note would always have a well laid down protocol and plans at providing the general community the best services and products that tend to increase the sustainability and the maximalism of the profits. Highlighted below are some of the provisions this project has in place and in store for the receiving population;

• Compensated For Cleaning The Web (The Varanida Ad Filter):
During the prototype phase, Varanida users will earn VAD tokens each time they block an ad from a centralized network. This will be done through a multi-browser compatible extension that enables users to block ads running on centralized ad networks. The list of blocked ads and advertising scripts is created using a combination of public lists like Easylist, private lists, and a crowdsourced list stored on the blockchain.

• Users Own Their Data:
By default, Varanida’s network will not store any user data. However, users can opt to share their data with advertisers if they want to be rewarded with additional VAD for seeing ads. If they choose to do so, their data will be encrypted, and will not be sold to third parties.

• Users Are Compensated For Their Contribution To The Network:
Later on, with the release of the Varanida Ad Network, users will be compensated every time they interact with an ad from one of Varanida’s verified advertisers. Interactions are defined by actions such as liking, disliking, validating, or signaling ads. Varanida will also implement several metrics to measure the quality of user attention, such as time spent and actions taken, which can be used to adjust compensation.

• Tokens Have A Real Utility The Varanida network will develop several applications where users can spend VAD tokens, such as accessing premium content on publisher sites, unlocking discounts and promotions from advertisers, or directly buying products and services with selected partners. Users will be able to reward content creators with VAD, who will then be less dependant on direct ad revenue which is directly correlated to audience behaviors. This decorrelation will be an incentive for publishers to create better content instead of clickbait, and focus on quality over quantity. VAD tokens will also be tradable against other cryptocurrencies, and ultimately fiat currencies, on multiple cryptocurrency exchanges that will be announced later.


The token and ICO descriptions are provided below through a shot i made from the whitepaper for a better representation of information..

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